Wednesday Website Crush - Urban Threads

There are some companies who just seem to know what is trendy and can set the pace before everyone else.  Urban Threads is definitely one of those companies in the machine embroidery industry. If you want to know the latest and impress your friends and family with your “in-the-know,” spend some time perusing their website


At first glance you might judge them to be all skulls and tattoo type designs, but look a little further and you will find something for everyone.  While they may have a very hip culture, they also are very diverse.  They range from a typewriter letter font to a gorgeous lace envelope to heraldic lions to French Napoleon bees. They even have unique wedding designs. These designs just do not get any better from a style as well as a quality perspective.


In addition to offering high quality and versatile designs, they provide a great “Lookbook” gallery and tutorials.   One year my teen boys loved the non-traditional placement of designs on their T-shirts that had been featured on the Urban Threads website. This website keeps me up to date with the latest trends that really surprise my children.


Signing up for their newsletter insures that you will be able to take advantage of those wonderful sales and keep informed on all the latest addition of designs.  However, it will not keep you up on the freebies.  You will have to check periodically for those. Have fun surfing through this great website and do not forget to try one their designs for free or on sale.