Replicating Handwriting with Floriani Total Control

Most machine embroiderists get special requests to embroider. This one was a special sentiment of love written on a paper towel that the one gifted wanted to treasure for a lifetime. 

To make the project lasting and as cuddly as the sentiment, I chose a natural soft raw silk (noll) fabric for a rectangular flanged pillow shape that would give the appearance of paper towel. It was just the project to get me kick-started on my Floriani Total Control software. 

Floriani Total Control could not have been any easier to use.  Considering this is the first time I ever opened the program and was able to produce a beautiful project quickly thereafter, I would say it rates an A+.

The software has an Autodigitizer Wizard that with a click of a button I was able to download a jpg file of the paper towel and it did all the rest of the work.  I am telling you that I did nothing further, but to click through the sequence of the Autodigitizer Wizard. 

After practicing stitching on a piece of similar cloth it looked wonderful. I am in love with this program and can not wait to use it again. 

To complete the project, I sewed the inside seams with a straight stitch and finished the edges with a zigzag knowing that noll will fray over time and especially when washed. 

How have you used the Floriani Total Control Autodigitizing Wizard?