Wedding Surprises in LA

Surprises are always fun! Well maybe not, as surprises can mean a good or bad thing depending upon what the surprise is. Then there are occasions when you really do not want any surprises.  Weddings are generally one of those times.  Most people when they have expressed that their wedding had a surprise did not mean a good thing.

On December 6, 2014, the musical band, Maroon, pulled off the ultimate surprise at numerous weddings across the Los Angeles area by showing up unexpectedly and singing "Sugar."  The faces of the stunned people in this youtube tell it all!  Watch as they go from, "What is going on?" to "Look who it is!" One man, presumably the father, clearly looks as if he did not pay for this intrusion and is about to manage the situation.  Some brides look as if it is the greatest gift from their new husband and clearly share their loving gratitude with them. 

It may have been a clever publicity stunt, but whatever their motive or the actual facts of the filming, it is fun watching and dreaming that maybe surprises can be a good thing at a wedding!