Names are important.  We all have one. We use them every day, all day long and in many mediums. Just think of how many times you signed your name this past week. Monogramming is just another signature of your name.  It is an expression of who you are. Monogramming is the first thing that most people think about when you mention machine embroidery.

Creating monograms on my computerized embroidery machine is fun, but I also love creating other elaborate machine embroidery designs as well.  I even venture beyond embroidery with sewn and heirloom garments and every day sewn items. I bring over half a century of hand embroidery and sewing skills, research, reproducing and creating of embroidery and garments, to each piece I individually stitch.

Machine embroidered and monogrammed bridal veils are my expertise.  I love everything about them, but I especially love their delicate beauty. It is so fascinating to sew all those stitches on such a fragile fabric. Maybe it stems from my passion with lace. 

Hopefully, these experiences are conveyed through this blog, so that they educate and inspire you in your needle creating process.

It is my desire to help you love machine embroidery and sewing as much as I do; and help you create your blessings.

Colleen Bell

~ Every stitch is a memory; every memory is a blessing. ~